Mindfulness Meditation in Miami


Have you wanted to practice Mindfulness Meditation, but aren’t sure how?

Are you having difficulty sustaining a meditation practice?

Do you have questions about your Mindfulness Meditation practice that you would like answered by someone with extended mindfulness meditation experience?

Mindfultime offers personalized, private Mindfulness Meditation sessions to help you begin or restart your meditation practice. Click here to sign up for a private session.

Private Instruction

Private mindfulness instruction.

Zoom Sessions

Personalized instruction no matter where you are. 


Private mindfulness instruction.

Schedule a Private Session

Find balance and calm in your life. Schedule a session.

Learn to Focus & Become Fully Aware, Awake & Relaxed

Mindfultime is South Miami’s first dedicated mindfulness meditation space. Mindfulness meditation is a simple and useful tool to help you navigate through the stress of everyday living in today’s world. Learn to be present.

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