By now you are likely aware of the many health and wellness benefits of a consistent mindfulness meditation practice, however, there are many additional ways of incorporating mindfulness into the flow of your workday to help you be more present, calm, and effective. The workplace can oftentimes be an emotional roller-coaster with many highs and lows, not to mention the heavy workload many people are required to take on which often thwarts the elusive work-life “balance”, with work calls and emails reaching us via smart phone late into the night.

The following are 3 simple ways that you could choose to incorporate mindfulness into your workday for a more fulfilling and less stressful day on the job.

Give yourself a break to do one thing mindfully. Make and drink a cup of coffee or tea, step outside for a breath of fresh air, or simply enjoy being still for a few moments. Yes, you have many emails to respond to and deadlines to meet, however, taking a mindful moment will allow you to approach your workload with a calm and positive attitude and help you to handle stress in a more effective manner overall.

Take a deep breath before responding. Rather than hitting the email reply button or answering the phone after the first ring, pause and take a deep breath to bring yourself into the present moment and acknowledge the importance of the communication that’s about to take place.

Express your gratitude. A great way to start your workday, or a nice break from a hectic afternoon, is to express gratitude to a colleague or client, whether in person, by phone, or by email. Expressing gratitude first requires that we pause and mentally note who we are grateful for and why, then we can proceed to share our appreciation.

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