“Discipline is remembering what you want.”  David Campbell


There are so many benefits of engaging in mindfulness meditation, but you will only derive the benefits if you practice. Having the discipline to maintain a regular meditation practice is one of the most common challenges new practitioners face. In order to establish a mindfulness meditation routine, there are several things you may find helpful.

To begin, it is helpful to regularly remind yourself why you have chosen to practice mindfulness meditation. At the beginning of your next mindfulness meditation session, or at any time for that matter, bring to mind why practicing mindfulness meditation practice feels important to you. Your reason for setting aside time to meditate may change over time and that is fine. Remember your meditation practice is way of taking care of yourself and that over time it will help you feel less stressed and help you begin to feel a greater sense of wellbeing.

Although you can practice mindfulness meditation at any time of day, in order to get into the habit of meditating regularly, it may be helpful to practice at the same time everyday, preferably first thing in the morning before interruptions and distractions get in the way. You could set your alarm clock to go off a bit earlier than usual to give yourself the space and time to develop your practice. Once you practice regularly for even a short time period, you will begin to feel the benefits and might not miss the extra sleep.

And if for whatever reason, you continue to struggle to meditate on a regular basis, be easy on yourself. Acknowledge that you are having difficulty establishing a regular practice and continue to set the intention to meditate.

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