For most of us, we feel calm and settled when we are able to control most aspects of our lives. The reality is, however, that things are continually changing and there is very little that we have full control over.  We are creatures of comfort and creatures of habit, and we innately prefer things to be controllable. This is where mindfulness meditation can be supportive. In mindfulness meditation, we begin to acknowledge and observe that change is constantly occurring, but as we develop a mindfulness practice, we are able to cultivate the strength to be with things as they are.

When we sit in meditation, we notice how our experience is continually changing. We learn that one breath comes in and then it goes out. That breath particular breath will never be here again, but we are able to be with the next breath. We notice that a thought arises and dissolves; an emotion visits us and then fades away. Little by little, moment by moment, we begin to build the capacity to be with our changing experience. This acceptance, that our experience is continually changing, starts to extend to other moments when we are not meditating.

An element of mindfulness practice that assists most greatly in accepting things as they are, is the attitude of kindness and compassion we develop toward ourselves as we engage in meditation. This attitude, too, becomes strengthened even when we are not meditating. The impact of the practice of mindfulness is that we gain the tools we need to embrace change and live a happy and healthy life.

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