Mindfulness can be helpful during all of the moments of our lives, including the time we spend at work. It is now well known that many leading companies and top executives are turning to mindfulness meditation not only as a way to increase effectiveness in the workplace, but also to be more calm and content overall.

While a regular meditation practice is ideal, there are other less formal ways to incorporate mindfulness into your workday that will provide benefits, and are quite simple to include on a day-to-day basis. Below are two suggestions for practicing mindfulness at work.

Being fully present. This may sound like common sense, but being fully present as we go about our workday is key to our professional productivity. For example, if a colleague comes to your desk to speak to you, rather than facing your computer as you respond to emails and listen to your voicemail on the speaker phone, stop what you are doing and pay full attention to the colleague who is with you. Giving your colleague your full attention will allow you to listen and respond more thoughtfully and at the same time will support the development of positive inter-personal relations.

Single-task. Our modern work culture seems to glorify being busy and multitasking, however the truth is we can do better work when focusing on one task at a time. In fact, studies have shown that we are more productive when we single-task as opposed to multi-task. If you have a meeting, rather than bringing in your laptop to simultaneously finish up a report, engage fully in the meeting. Instead of quickly eating lunch at your desk while checking Facebook and making weekend dinner reservations, step away from your desk to enjoy your meal without any distractions.

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