Whether you are on the road for work or pleasure, traveling can be stressful, especially when things happen that you were not expecting. When we travel, there is so much that can occur that is beyond our control, but this presents us with a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness in ways that can make our entire getaway more enjoyable.

Take a pause with 5 mindful breaths. If you find yourself at a crowded airport facing a delayed flight or any travel situation that you were not expecting, you may want to consider a mindful pause. Rather than letting your feelings of frustration overwhelm you, find a place to sit down, perhaps closing your eyes, and take 5 purposeful breaths. Although your flight may still be delayed, you may begin to feel much more relaxed and may be able to more easily enjoy the wait.

Acknowledge frustration and let it go. When we meditate, we practice noticing our thoughts and emotions and letting them go. When can engage in a similar practice when we are traveling. For example, maybe you were planning for a kids-free weekend in Las Vegas when your sister brings along her two children. Or maybe you booked a particular rental car, but when you show up to get the keys you’re offered something completely different. Rather than dwelling on these unexpected occurrences, practice acknowledging whatever you are feeling – irritation, frustration, anger – and letting the feelings go. Once you acknowledge your feelings and begin to let them go, you will have an easier time enjoying your trip.

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