In these modern times in which we praise busyness and never ending to-do lists, finding the time, and more importantly the presence of mind, to spend quality family time can be difficult. Quality family time doesn’t mean distracted mealtimes with everyone at the table on their own handheld devices or sitting in front of the television together. It means spending time with the kids, giving them your full and undivided attention. Here are a couple of tips for being present with your children, which you can incorporate into even the busiest of days.

Slow down and pay attention. We often rush through mundane activities, rather than actually being present with our kids. You may be in a hurry to get your kids from school to dance class or sport’s practice, but the time in the car can be valuable bonding time to really listen to your child share about their day, asking questions and showing your genuine interest. When helping with homework, put your phone away and don’t mentally plan dinner. This is an opportunity to be fully present with your child.

Show affection. This is a great way to be present with your kids. Giving a loving hug or writing a sweet note to put in their lunchbox can remind your child that you love and care about them. Even if you’re running out the door, pause and hug or kiss your child with your full presence. Even placing your hand on their shoulder while they read a book on the couch can let them know that you are there and that you care. A small gesture can go a long way in making kids feel important and loved.

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