Studies upon studies have shown that mindfulness meditation does in fact improve productivity in the workplace. Many companies, small and large, have invested in meditation programs for their employees as part of their company wellness programs and have seen significant results. Whether you head up an organization or are a team member on the ground, incorporating mindfulness meditation into your day can help improve your overall work performance in several ways.

Mindfulness meditation trains the mind to come back to the present moment, improving our ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Rather than daydreaming or planning the weekend, we can focus on our work and therefore be more effective and efficient.

Mindfulness meditation also helps us to manage our emotions, which can be very helpful in the workplace. Rather than getting caught up in criticism or a negative comment from a colleague, we are able to let go and move forward with our work; our emotions don’t cloud our judgment. This leads to better overall work performance and a win-win situation for employees and their companies.

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