With a hectic, jam-packed life, the last thing you want or need is another item to add to your to-do list. However, carving out just 5 minutes to sit in mindfulness meditation can help you to be more effective in all areas of your life. It is when you are especially busy that mindfulness meditation can have the most positive impact on how you feel. So even if you are sitting for just 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning or before you turn in for the night, making time for mindfulness meditation, especially during periods of high stress can be supportive through life’s ups and downs.

Rather than looking at meditation as another thing you “should” do, you can approach it from a different perspective. You can see meditation as a way to practice self-care in order to better care for others, or as a way to help you improve your effectiveness in the office, or a way to maintain or improve your physical and mental health. Seeing mindfulness meditation in this way may help you to make time for the practice on a regular, hopefully daily, basis. And, if a day goes by and you don’t find the time to meditate, be easy on yourself.

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