3 Tips for Launching a New Mindfulness Practice

Maybe you have been meaning to begin a mindfulness meditation practice, but have found that anything and everything seems to get in the way. Maybe the timing is just not right or there are too many deadlines at work at the moment. The truth is that busyness and timing will always be issues for us if meditation is not a priority. Below are a few tips on finally launching the meditation practice you’ve been hoping to start to benefit your health and wellbeing.

Make your practice a priority. our lives tend to keep us busier than we’d like, so a key to setting up a consistent mindfulness meditation practice is making it a priority. Remind yourself of your reasons for wanting to establish a practice, mark it in your calendar or planner as you would a work meeting, and hold yourself accountable (or sign up for a Mindfultime group class if you need extra support and accountability).

Find a practice you love. Whether it is a seated mindfulness meditation practice in which you follow your breath, or a walking meditation where you pay attention to each and every step, find a practice that you can look forward to doing. This will make consistency much easier 

Begin today. This seems incredibly basic, however, it is so easy to come up with excuses or simply put off beginning until a later date (after the next work deadline, once the kids are in school, etc.). Commit to launching your practice today, even just 3 to 5 minutes will do.

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