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Make Time to Sit in Meditation

With a hectic, jam-packed life, the last thing you want or need is another item to add to your to-do list. However, carving out just 5 minutes to sit in mindfulness meditation can help you to be more effective in all areas of your life. It is when you are especially...

Mindfulness Tips for Tough Moments

Mindfulness meditation can help us in so many ways, including feeling more grounded, calm, and aware. However, our practice is most beneficial during challenging moments when we can apply the skills we’ve developed during our formal meditation practice. Two techniques...

Mindfulness Tip: Practice Gratitude

It is so easy to become critical or negative when things don’t go exactly as we’d like, but most of us know that we are, in fact, incredibly blessed. We can choose, rather, to focus on what and who we are grateful for in any given situation, looking at the big...

Mindfulness Tips for the Office

Practicing mindfulness meditation before or after work is hugely beneficial, but what about bringing that mindfulness into the office? Mindfulness greatly reduces work-related stress and helps us to be more effective in our work. Here are a couple of mindfulness tips...

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