Corporate Wellness

Customized Virtual Mindfulness Meditation Coaching
Because mindfulness should be practiced in all aspects of life whether at home or at work, Mindfultime provides Corporate Wellness meditation services. Our services can be provided on site at your place of employment or at the Mindfultime studio in South Miami. Corporate Wellness programs are being integrated into many modern day workplaces that understand the direct correlation between physical and mental wellness of employees and productivity and morale.  Mindfultime encourages employees to gain better perspective on work, life, stress, conflict and problem solving through a series of mindfulness meditation exercises and techniques.
We offer various packages to complement your Corporate Wellness needs and, most importantly, we can tailor services based on your employees’ availability. Our typical wellness program consists of one hour weekly sessions for a 6-week period during which the participants are introduced to and taught basic mindfulness meditation. All aspects of the program can be personalized upon the client’s request. Integrating a Corporate Wellness program into the workplace has proven to:


  • decrease stress and tension
  • increase capacity to listen
  • increase sensitivity to others’ point of view
  • increase energy, vitality and wakefulness
  • increase focus and awareness
  • help employees gain a healthier, calmer sense of self
  • increase clarity and a sense of centeredness

Companies such as Google, Apple and Yahoo now offer mindfulness meditation programs to their employees because they know the importance of reducing stress in the workplace. When workers are able to more effectively handle stress, they are happier, more productive, healthier and more focused on their work. Simple as that!

Increase Your Employees' Well-being & Productivity

Contact me to discuss the unlimited possibilities with Mindfultime Corporate Wellness.

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