Private Mindfulness Meditation Instruction
Mindfultime is located in a central but intimate space on Red Road in South Miami. The space is meant to be a convenient escape to reset and elevate your awareness. Mindfultime offers these services:

Private Instruction for Adults

Mindfultime offers personalized meditation instruction during private sessions. Sessions are arranged to suit your schedule and your individual needs. A benefit of a private session is the opportunity to have a guided meditation recorded during your session onto cellphone or tablet to use during at-home practice. Sessions can be scheduled in the Mindfultime Studio or Online via Skype or other video platforms.

Special Workshops

Our special workshops and introductory classes will allow you to explore and learn about mindfulness meditation in a more expansive way, enabling you to deepen your meditation practice.

I am very pleased with what I’ve learned with Alice. I notice the difference in my state of being. I feel much more relaxed and aware of the good things going on in my life, all thanks to her meditation sessions.
A Client

Learn to Focus & Become Fully Aware, Awake & Relaxed

Mindfultime is South Miami’s first dedicated mindfulness meditation space. Mindfulness meditation is not religion-based, rather a simple and useful tool to help you navigate through the stress of everyday living in today’s world. Learn to be present. Contact us today.

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